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Gel Nails; advantages and disadvantages:

At this point, we have all heard about gel nails, and many probably have proven their popularity. Without a doubt, they are a great alternative and there are many women who wear spectacular nails only thanks to this technique. However, as in any cosmetic process, we must consider the advantages and disadvantages that may exist, to know if it is the most convenient for us.

With this type of nails, we are faced with a dilemma, since some people speak very well of them and there are those who do not. That is why we are going to try to clarify a little the concept and the pros and cons that may arise from its application. As many of us want to wear perfect nails during these holidays, this may be an alternative that we already have in mind, and it is better to have as much information as possible. MsMee.com has a lot more! See here!

The process of gel nails

To understand why there are people who choose gel nails and what it is about, we must understand the process involved in its application. On the one hand, we must distinguish between soft and hard gel. The hard gel is for those girls who want extensions on their nails, either because they are short or because they are bitten. The soft gel does not make them longer; just apply the gel on the extension of the natural nail.

Disadvantages of gel nails

These nails have clear disadvantages, especially for women who want a natural beauty. We say it because the natural nail suffers from the application of these gel nails, and there are women who even need months to recover their nails. When polishing, the thickness of these decreases, so they become more fragile and damaged. This coupled with the application of gel for a few weeks, which does not allow the nail to hydrate or regenerate, causes it to eventually suffer damage and end up brittle and opaque.

Another drawback is that UV rays are used for fixing. This endangers the skin since these rays are even stronger than those used in the solariums and affect the skin, increasing the risk of cancer. Using protection is essential, although there is always the risk of so much exposure.

Advantages of gel nails

Although we have many disadvantages to not choose these nails, they also have their reasons to be chosen. These nails are much more natural than artificial nails and offer a great durability of up to three weeks, so we forget the manicure for a while.

In addition, people who bite their nails can have long fingernails again, thanks to the hard gel extensions. That’s why it’s a good idea for those special occasions when we want to show perfect and long nails. It is a way to show off an ideal manicure without having to wait for the nails to grow.

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